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Answer a few questions and help us understand what you think about the 'inPolish' project

Do you think #inPolish projects help to promote positive practices and values of Polish society?*

When you see content from the #inPolish project, do you feel like getting involved in activities to integrate or help others?*

Has the #inPolish project helped you to better understand the unique phenomenon of Polish society?*

Do the videos and posts from the #inPolish project provide you with inspiration and positive messages?*

As a result of participating in the #inPolish project, did you learn more about the involvement of Polish society in helping Ukraine?*

Has the #inPolish project helped you to better understand the scale of aid Poland has provided to Ukraine?*

Did your image of Poland as a country and society change after learning about the content of the #inPolish project?*

Do you now have positive associations with Poland as a country open to helping others?*

Has the #inPolish project inspired you to get involved in helping others or intercultural integration?*

Did you learn about the activities of other nations in the context of helping Ukraine and was Poland an inspiration to you?*