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Our Remarkable Story

The 'inPolish' project is our fascinating story about Poland and its unique society. Our mission is to highlight what makes Poland so special - the spirit of solidarity, openness and readiness to help others that lies in the hearts of our citizens.

The cause

What is ‘inPolish’?

The ‘inPolish’ project is no ordinary campaign. It is a story about the phenomenon of Polish society, which has emerged exceptionally strongly in the context of the conflict in Ukraine. It’s a story about Poles who opened their hearts and homes to refugees, offering them shelter, support and solidarity. It’s also a story about how Poland didn’t build camps, but human bonds that lasted much longer.

Poles’ Reaction to the Conflict in Ukraine

As the conflict in Ukraine escalated, Poles showed remarkable empathy and readiness to help. Many opened their homes and hearts to the refugees, providing them with shelter, food and psychological support. This was a display of true solidarity and human warmth. Poles, despite their own challenges, were not indifferent to the needs of others.

The action

Building Ties with Refugees

What distinguished Poles during this difficult time was not only providing material aid, but above all building real bonds with refugees. Poles focused on dialogue, mutual understanding and integration. It was a story of cooking together, learning the language, reading stories to children and celebrating holidays together. These were moments that shaped cross-cultural relations and created lasting friendships.

Why Is This Important?

Why is this story so important? Because it shows that the spirit of openness, readiness to help and building bridges between people are not just slogans, but real values that reside in the hearts of Polish society. This is not an attempt to improve the image, but authentic proof that Poles are ready to support others in difficult times, regardless of nationality or origin.

Join Our Story

We invite you to join our story. Together, we can show the world that Poland is not just a country, but above all a society that inspires others to work towards integration and support those who need support. Join us on social media, share our message and support our initiative. Together we are making history, which is proof that in openness, cooperation and willingness to help lies our strength as a society. Join us and be a part of this remarkable story!